Tipu-Sultan Restaurant - Birmingham | Review

July 29, 2014

As some of you may know, Ramadan (a period of time where muslims fast) has ended. During Ramadan, I went to a couple of restaurants to close my fasts and Tipu-Sultan has to be the best one I've been to by far.

Food/Drinks - As it was Ramadan they had a seperate menu for the special month, however, only a few extra dishes were added to the new menu. The food was very delicious and was served very well on to our table along with our cold drinks in bottles.

Atmosphere/Decor - The building itself was my favourite part about the restaurant. It was such a beautiful place and you can clearly see this in the pictures I took of the building. Also, the waiters were very friendly and helpful which is key in any restaurant.

Prices and seat availability - The price for the food is slightly expensive but worth every penny as the food and service is excellent. Luckily, the restaurant is fairly large so there was enough space for more customers to come and eat, but, parking spaces are limited.

More links relating to Tipu-Sultan:
Official website -http://www.tipu-sultan.com/  
Youtube video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2CJhVhejrE 

Overall, I thought this was an amazing restaurant and I will most definitely visit it again.

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