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August 02, 2014

The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for a long time, and it must end as soon as possible. It is so tragic that innocent people are dying and we don't have enough power to rescue and help them. The least we can do is pray for them, raise awareness and give charity. Below are some pictures, videos and links to inspire you to raise awareness about this horrible situation and how you can help.

Firstly, I would suggest you read this excellent description of how the conflict started: 

VIdeos to inspire you to do something:

List of a few celebrities who are supporting Palestine: Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, Coldplay, Zayn Malik,

On Saturday 9th August I went to a Gaza Fundraiser which was held in my local Mosque. I am so glad that I volunteered to help them raise money and below are a few items I bought while I was there. This is a great way to help free Palestine by simply volunteering or visiting your local gaza events.

How to make your own Palestine flag: (instructions below) 

1) You will need some paint, paint brushes, 4 sheets of A4 paper (size of paper depends on how big or small you want your flag to be), tape and scissors.
2) Start by sticking all four sheets of paper together.
3) Draw a tiny spot so that you can draw lines from the corners of the paper to create a triangle.
4) You then want to paint that triangle red.
5) With a ruler draw 2 lines, so that you have 3 rectangles next to your triangle. Then begin to paint the bottom rectangle green.
6) I didn't have any black paint so I just used black tape to fill in the top rectangle.
7) Finally, I then painted the middle rectangle white as well just so everything was painted. You can also write a message such as 'Free Palestine' on the white rectangle.
8) And you're done. All you have to do now is use blue tac or tape to stick your posters up around your house (best place would be the window so others can see) and other buildings such as your local shop (ask permission first).

Here is a online shop where you can purchase a range of things relating to the cause 

Here are few of my favourite pictures relating to the topic:

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