One Direction Concert

November 08, 2014

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Now, I know what you all are thinking. Wow she likes One Direction? Well I did, a few years ago but my music taste has changed a lot since then and so going to their concert has kind of been my secret as many people wouldn't believe that I ever liked them knowing me now.

This concert, you could say, was their first ever one as it was during the semi-finals of the X-Factor where each of the acts at the time visited their hometown to perform. I begged my parents to go as I felt this was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm not going to lie, it was a lot of fun.

The concert was on a school night so I got home straight from school and began my journey to the venue with my friends.We got there for 5:00 and from this time to 8:30 we patiently waited for them to come and perform as they were running late. As we waited the atmosphere was amazing and we all sang along to the songs that were being played by the radio station beacon, who were the host for the event.

The boys eventually came on stage but before they did, Simon Cowell introduced them on the stage. They played for an hour or so and it was a great night! The only regret I have of the day is I wish I came a little earlier so that I had a better view of them performing on stage as we couldn't see them very well (as you will be able to tell by the photos I took below). I still appreciate the fact that I had a chance to go to their concert even though now I hardly listen to their music....

Below are the photos rounding up the day. They are very poor quality photos but they were taken from my very old LG touch phone and this event was in 2010 where my love for cameras didn't exist.

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