All time favourite basic products | Review

August 07, 2016

I've been wanting to do more product reviews for this blog so I thought I would start off my sharing some of my all time favourite basic products before I start dedicating a whole blog post on just one product.

Firstly, if you are looking for a dry shampoo, you should definitely choose batiste dry shampoos and the majority of 'beauty gurus' out there chooses this brand. Although dry shampoos are designed for days where you just don't have time to wash your hair, I tend to use dry shampoo to add more volume to my hair and in addition, batiste provide dry shampoos that add a wonderful scent to your hair (my favourite is the 'tropical' scented one).

I've used a range of moisturisers but I've got to say that Next have the best moisturisers. I first tried their moisturisers when I was given a Next gift set which contained one of their body lotions and since then I have loved using their moisturisers as they really do leave my skin smooth for a long period of time after using them.

Although I'm not a fan of Avon makeup products, I have always bought my body mists from this company. Every year when summer comes around, I always order a body mist from Avon simply because the scent that they give off is perfect for any summer day. Even though the scent is not long lasting, just spraying it on your body during a hot summer's day is quite refreshing.

I will try my best to review more products and I will also try to review them in much more detail when I get the chance.

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